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Our advanced team and methods of provide fast, reliable services for a variety of Steel Scaffolding Product including shuttering Frame work, U Jack, H fram, C Clamp, Acro Plate, Adjustable Telescopic Prop, Adustable Telescopic Spans, Double Coupler, Centering plate, Heavy duty Prop, Light Duty Prop, Khapeda, Single Coupler, Shuttering Clamp, colum clamp, Tie rod, Wall from climbing type shuttering, wedge key, Flase work , scaffolding equipment. We pride ourselves on delivering cost effective and green returns management solutions.

Full support is provided by the company's team of Customer Services personnel whose primary function is to provide a comprehensive advisory service and ensure that the system produces results at the customer's premises. Should problems arise with the equipment or its use the priority is always to solve it in the quickest possible manner.