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The product which are listed below are main Rent & Sell product of the company in the standared sizes:

Wall form Climbing type[Shuttering] H Frame scaffolding System Steel Walk way Plank Adjustable Telescopic Span Floor Form [ Centering Plats ] Scaffolding Tripod Acro Plates Shuttering Clamp and Colum Clamp [Shikanja] The Rofs U- Jacks Shuttering Clamp and Colum'

The product with specific specification of the individual clients are also being manufactured. WE have also an expert team for suggesting and carrying out the amendment of existing product to meet with the revised need and uses. The services of the expert team for briefing about the best comfortable, economical, product which are available with us and also will suggest to have more useful with certain modification and alterations which would became possible within our company premises.

We supply the quality product with useful information to make your need more economical, useful from our available product and with the product which can be amended accordingly. Our council ling activities with our expert Engineers team will help the client to decide the purchase or rent of our product to meet the actual need with its perfection.

Our product is well accepted In the domestic market and our next year planning is to make certain latest product for export to the developing countries too. Our team is working on the same project and planned out to come to start commercial production in the next year to come.