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J.B Depo is service oriented organization. Through its positive approach in the field of Renting & selling of 'STEELS SCOFFELDING' equipment being mainly used for the building construction field .We have wide range of Fixed, Adjustable Frame, Accessories, Couplers Decjubg system, Equipment Plates etc. of any size, quality and any quantity to meet with the closet requirement of individuals.

We believe in service rather than in earning. Customer satisfaction is our Profit. Our pre and post services have earned very good name in the customers group. WE always keep our door open for suggestion and in turn put in to best possible action to meet with the requirement. Through which we could able to create maximum different kind of product to serve the customer better 'TODAY TOMORROW AND FOR EVER'

Our product is of standard size and also is of as per the customers specification and requirement and hence the same are based on our Regular Yearly Production Program and further the products which is needed as per specification of the consumer. We have two division in which the regular planned production is continuously going on production. Further another division which pay special attention for the business of which the requirement of client is as per their specification, we without disturbing our regular production can well fulfil the demand with guaranteed time and with guaranteed quality and quantity.

WE HAVE OUR "MONOPOLY" for this kind of arrangement and facilities which we have planned and implemented successfully. Further our location is an additional attraction for easy approach through Road from any corner of India. At the same time it is also easy for us to transport our finish product at any corner of India through Road by any means which the customer prefers with safe and economical one.

Our Huge kind of structural product Like, Wall climbing Type [Shuttering], H Frame scaffolding Systems, Steel walk way Plank, Adjustable Telescopic Spans, Floor-Form[Centering Plats], Scaffolding Tripod and Acro Plates are easily transported through Motor Transport and Rail.

Whereas the product which is of smaller sizes in volume and are processed through our Machineries which are being manufactured within the factory premises like, Adjustable Telescopic Props, Double coupler, Single Coupler, Tie Rod, Wedge Keys, C-Clamps can well be delivered to the client through special messenger, through Tempo, or full truck load at any place on Gujarat and outside Gujarat too.